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Aspinall & Aspinall Ltd

Founded in 1990 A&A is the parent company for StorePoint, StorePointGeo and Oxford Retail Consultants.

Started by Nick Aspinall over 28 years ago, the company originally began life as a property management consultancy but quickly established itself as being a GIS house and data provider too. 

Our market leading catchment models and data sets have allowed us to run 'What If?' scenario modelling for anything from as yet unbuilt shopping centres, leisure schemes, car parks and housing developments.

The granularity of our data has seen us excel in our forecasts of turnover to within +/- 7%.

StorePointGeo now takes the power of these datasets and puts it in your hands. Analyse, Understand, React. 


Our Team
Nick Aspinall

Nick is the don. 

Likes: Guitars.

Dislikes: Unicorns.

Ben Aspinall
Managing Partner

Loves excel and maps.

Likes: Dirty Blues music.

Dislikes: Activity holidays. 

Andrew Hougham
Head of Operations

REALLY loves excel and maps.

Likes: family fun time.

Dislikes: no sleep. 

Pooja Aspinall
Commercial Director

Master of the schmooze.

Likes: Shopping.

Dislikes: Not shopping. 

David Kamm
Lead Data Analyst

Brings us the facts...

Likes: Aston Villa.

Dislikes: Birmingham City (the football team, not the actual city).

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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